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Cayman Islands Companies Law

ARKA provides legal advice and consultations on setting up Cayman Islands companies.   We know that setting up a company and starting a business can be a daunting task and can provide advice from the very beginning.

We are of the view that taking advice at the early stages can be significantly cheaper than resolving 'minor' issues at a later stage.


We provide our clients with legal advice and solutions by helping you choose the right type of company and business structure available in the Cayman Islands and offer on-going legal and regulatory advice to our clients.  It is important that our clients know their legal duties and are able to abide by those duties.  We will ensure that the correct measures are put in place and that your operations are legal and meet the requirements of Companies legislation and regulations in the Cayman Islands.  

The type of advice that we offer includes the following:

  • Company formations and registration
  • On-going regulatory guidance and advice
  • Compliance with local legislation
  • Review of and assistance in negotiating transactional contracts and terms and conditions
  • Drafting contracts, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements
  • Legal opinions
  • Appointment & resignation or removal of directors & officers of the company and their fiduciary obligations and duties
  • Shareholdings, issuance of shares, transfer of shares and increasing or decreasing share capital
  • Trade & Business licencing requirements and applications
  • Banking Solutions



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