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ARKA Legal Services in Cayman Islands

Legal Opinions For Cayman Islands Companies

ARKA Legal Service provides legal opinions for Cayman Islands companies on all types of transactions.   


A legal opinion is usually required where a Cayman Islands company is party to a transaction in another jurisdiction (outside of the Cayman Islands).  The main purpose for a legal opinion is to satisfy the party relying on it of numerous factors including (but not limited to) the following:


  • The due incorporation, good standing and legal existence of the Cayman Islands company
  • That all consents, authorisations and registrations which are required for the documents which are the subject of the legal opinion have been obtained
  • There are no insolvency events or litigation that would cause any doubt on th eability of the company to comply with its obligations under the documents in question
  • The validity of the execution of the documents for which the legal opinion has been obtained
  • The documentation creates binding obligations on the company which are enforceable in the governing jurisdiction of the documents and in the Cayman Islands
  • The lawyer opining is qualified to do so


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