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Intellectual Property Law in Cayman Islands

The law provides protection for the authors of creative works, such as books, music and artwork.  Protection through registration of patents and trademarks is also provided for inventions and business logos.


All creativity deserves to be rewarded. That is what is intended by intellectual property law. The law rewards creativity by granting exclusive legal rights to exploit a design, invention or creative work. Intellectual property covers a very wide range of fields, such as the creative arts, protected by copyright law and design rights, to inventions, which are protected by patents, and trade marks, which protect business names and logos. Intellectual property rights are protected by both statute law and the common law.

Disputes can arise in a variety of areas.  In a commercial context, the most common is the misuse of a trade mark by a business trying to benefit from the trade reputation of a competitor.  This is prohibited, whether a trade mark is registered or not.  The other common form of dispute arises as a result of the copying of an artistic work of an author, very often to the commercial advantage of the copier.